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Our Company

We absolutely believe in laughter….and not just the polite, subdued kind. We think the tears-streaming-down-your-face -oh-my-gosh-hand-me-a-tissue-kind of laughter should be experienced on a regular basis!

We also believe people are more likely to enjoy a good healthy dose of laughter when they share it with others. You know what it’s like…someone giggles quietly and it quickly spreads - morphing into full-on chuckles, a belly-aching roar and memorable moments.

If you love to laugh, give our tabletop games a whirl. They’re for grown ups who are a bit playful, who embrace light-hearted fun and, most importantly, who enjoy a good rib-tickling discussion now and again.

And, yes… our games are about people. You. Me. Your neighbour’s flamboyant aunt. The guy everyone envies for his unbelievably low golf handicap. Collectively, we’re a pretty fascinating bunch. You’ll see that in our products.

About Us®.

Our Products

We have two fun and easy-to-play tabletop games to offer…

About Us®, Boomer+™ Edition
About Us®, Grown Up Girls™ Edition

…and more exciting About Us® editions in the works, including:

About Us®, Golf Edition
About Us®, Cottage Edition
About Us®, Home Edition
About Us®, Pet Lover™ Edition

Be sure to visit us often for the latest product updates!


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