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Tabletop Games for Grown Ups who Love to Laugh!

About Us®, Grown Up Girls™ Edition   

Want to have some laugh-out-loud fun with the girls? Challenge your understanding of grown up girls with 
About Us®, Grown Up Girls™ Edition!

Created with fun and fascinating research about the female species and featuring accomplishments of grown up girls, this tabletop game combines grown up girl guesswork with good-old-fashioned retail therapy. What could be better for your next girls’ get together?


  • What are most Grown Up Girls most likely dream about?
  • How would most Grown Up Girls react to a mouse in the house?
  • What type of movie-role would most Grown Up Girls like to play?

With 180 questions and answers in this game, there’s lots of guessing to do – and oodles to talk about!

How to Play

Simply provide the correct answer to the question that is asked to select a Shopping Card. (Yes…time to shop!) Each Shopping Card contains a special something for your wardrobe. The first player to pull together a fabulous new outfit wins. Of course, since shopping sprees don’t always go as planned, Wild Cards and Bonus Cards add an unexpected twist or two!

Gather your besties for some real girl-time fun! About Us®, Grown Up Girls™ Edition is perfect for three to eight players and recommended for grown up girls who are 18 and up!

Ideal for grown up girls who love to laugh…and grown up boys who are brave enough to play!



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